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White House Requests List of Planned Weapons Transfers to Israel

According to four unnamed United States officials, the White House has recently requested that both the State Department and the Pentagon provide a list of all weapons transfers to Israel that are planned or awaiting approval in the coming weeks.

The apparent aim of this request is for the White House to gain a full accounting and understanding of the nature and extent of the United States government’s military assistance to Israel, as criticism and political pressure regarding this support continue to grow across the American political spectrum.

The officials indicated that this request does not represent an imminent move by the White House to delay or suspend any weapons transfers to Israel at this time, and reaffirmed that the Biden administration has no plans to restrict military aid to Israel presently.

Another motivation behind the request, according to one United States official, was to compare the list of planned transfers with documentation previously provided by Israel itself outlining the defense systems it deems a priority.

A source familiar with the issue characterized the White House request as routine, pointing out that similar requests have been made in recent years regarding United States military aid to Ukraine. However, it is the first time since Israel’s attack on Gaza on October 7th that a request has been made for information pertaining specifically to arms shipments to Israel.

The overarching aim, the source stated, was for the White House to obtain an updated status report on pending defense export licence approvals and transfers already in the pipeline, so as to help guide the State Department’s prioritization of specific shipments and identify any issues requiring resolution or ‘deconfliction’ involving the White House. The White House declined to offer an official comment on the matter.

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